5 reasons why pakistan cricket team lack winning consistency

5 reasons why pakistan cricket team lack winning consistency

In this post, we will briefly explain why the Pakistani cricket team is not performing well at times. We will also discuss 5 reasons why Pakistan cricket team lack winning consistency. Regardless of the format, the green shirts have always been unpredictable. So, here is a look at 3 reasons Why Pakistan’s cricket team fails to deliver consistently at the international level.

5 reasons why Pakistan cricket team lack winning consistency:

Lack of Physical Fitness:

pak-5 reasons why pakistan cricket team lack winning consistency

It is only recently that Pakistan’s think tank has started developing fitness benchmarks. Over the previous decades, however, there was no appropriate mechanism to determine how fit players were in a given squad and hence, it was a common sight to see Pakistani boys losing intensity as their fitness levels got challenged in the middle of a tour.

Moreover, even from a psychological perspective, the men in green have this tendency of going complacent after a few good games or even sessions owing to which on more than one occasion they have failed to seize the initiative after doing well initially.

Require Time to Acclimatize:

pakw-5 reasons why pakistan cricket team lack winning consistency

Pakistani cricketers have historically proven themselves to be slow starters particularly, during major events. This mainly happens because they require time to acclimatize to different conditions. This factor then has made way for fairy tale endings like the one during the 1992 ICC world cup on one hand and for disasters like the 2003 ICC world cup on the other.

Poor Fielding Performances:

field-5 reasons why pakistan cricket team lack winning consistency

One of the most popular say about cricket is that  ” Catches win Matches”.

Means that the fielding efforts of the team are necessary to win them games consistently. You should back your bowlers by giving him support in the field. If the bowler gives his 100% you won’t let him down through miss-fielding or missing chances. We as Pakistanis don’t regard fielding as much as other countries. It’s something which batsmen or bowler isn’t doing. We have literally no idea what field placement is. This attitude later goes on to players who play for the national team.

It’s not just catching. Pakistani players can not field well at all! They give away easy runs. If Australia scores 260 runs. 30-40 runs will be made because of poor field placement and sloppy fielding. Easy singles or doubles whenever fielder is in pressure.


No matter which conditions they play in, Pakistan’s batting has always been the weak area. Perhaps, then inconsistent batting performance is the number one reason why green shirts have never been unable to perform on a consistent basis at the international level.

Lack of consistency in Players:

One of the main reason for Pakistan team’s In-consistency is that their players are unable to perform consistently on most times. Means that the player who performs in One match is unable to perform in the next match and other matches. That’s why Pakistan came into downfalls in cricket.


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