Ags battery price list 2019 in pakistan

In this Post we will briefly talk about AGS battery price list 2019 in Pakistan. These Batteries are available all over the Pakistan. These Batteries giving the best performance and available with 6 Months Warranty. Batteries for UPS, Motorcycle, Car, and Ups available.

AGS batteries used for Solar System. Batteries details with their Types, Plates Per Cell, Polarity, A.H, Length, Width, height Retail Price with Tax.

Ags battery price list 2019 in pakistan

Ags Offers the Following types of Batteries in Pakistan:


  • Medium Batteries
Ags medium batteries specially designed for cars, vans,suv’s and other usage that are not very high.
  • Light Batteries

Ags Light batteries are designed for motorcycles, rickshaws, and as well as other usage that is light and not required more voltage of current.

  • Heavy Batteries

Medium batteries are designed for trucks, buses, Heavy machinery and other usage required high voltage not only-but also long backups, these batteries are also used with UPS.


Ags battery price list 2019 in pakistan:


AGS Medium :

 Type      Retail Price (Rs.) Consumer Price (Rs.)
 GX135           7,450         8,716  N125           6,870         8,037  GL100           5,530         6,470  GR95           4,890         5,721  GX 132           7,210         8,435  GR100           5,550         6,493  GR87           4,260         4,984


AGS Light :

Type Retail Price (Rs.) Consumer Price (Rs.)
  GR 46            2,540          2,970   GR 70           3,510          4,067   GR 65           3,810          4,457   GL 50           3,220          3,767   GL 43           2,540          2,971   CGR 30           2,090          2,445   GL 85           4,620          5,393   GL 65           3,820          4,469   CNG 60           3,650          4,270   GL 48           2,910          3,404   GL 85           4,610          5,393


AGS Heavy :

 Type Retail Price (Rs.) Consumer Price (Rs.)
 245H52          16,100        18,837  GX200 F          12, 200        14,274  195G51F          11,900        13,923  4DLT160          10,700        12,519  GX175          9,130        10,680  210H52         15,700         8,369  GX200 R         12,100         14,157  GL190         10,620         12,425


About Company:

Atlas Battery is the manufacture of a wide range of polypropylene batteries. Suitable for passenger cars, trucks, tractors, heavy vehicles, motor cycles, construction and road-building equipment as well as stationary and further industrial applications.

À Atlas Battery has operated in Pakistan since 1966. And has had a partnership with Japan Storage battery Company, since 1969 producing batteries under the brand “AGS.”


” I’m referring to the lead acid battery, For example the energy storage technology used in UPS systems, which remains much the same and now as it did decades ago. Not only-but also as the industry develops new types of batteries for devices ranging from smart phones to electric automobiles, As well as we can clearly see the day when UPSs take advantage of these developments. ”

Note: The Prices change with the passage of time and are not fixed



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