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Cooking is a process to make food ready to eat by heating it. Cooking can kill bacteria that may be in the food.

Raw food is food that is not cooked. Some foods are good to eat raw. Other foods are not good for the body when they are raw, so they must be cooked. Some foods are good to eat either raw or cooked.

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Cooking styles often depend on the levels of expertise and cook preparation. Cooking is performed both in the homes of people and in the restaurant and other food establishments by experts and chefs. Chemical reaction without heat, such as in ceviche, a typical South American dish that cooks fish in lemon or lime juice or an orange juice with acids. cooking can also occur.

Heat or fire is a special practise for humans in the preparation of food. Although archäological evidence may not exceed 1 million years ago, it could have begun around two million years ago.

Method Of Cooking

Cooks offered many new ingredients by the expansion of agriculture, commerce, trade and transportation among civilizations in different regions. New innovations and developments such as pottery invention to store and boil water have expanded cooking technology. Some modern cooks use cutting-edge science to further improve the flavour of the dish served.

Sometimes the cooking is done with a stove or an oven in the kitchen. You can also do it with a fire (for example, over a campfire or on a barbecue).

The cooking heat can be cooked in various ways. It can be an open fire which burns wood or wood. It is possible to use propane, natural gas or electricity on a burner or in an oven.


Food is prepared in various ways. Cooks in hot water boiling food. Frying food (deep or shallow) in hot butter, fat or oil is fried. The food around it with hot air is baked and roasted. Grilling means to cook food that has heat on a metal grill.
Meat is sometimes boiled, roasted, fried or grilled by humans. Some foods are typically baked, such as bread or pastries.

Usually food is cooked in some kind of pot or pan. Sometimes people cook food by putting it directly into the fire, or by wrapping the food in leaves before they put it into the fire.



The cook or chef could be called a person whose job it is to cook food. The phrase “cooker” is a machine or instrument used by a cook to cook food. Examples are rice cookers and press cookers.

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