Cowboy 3 electric bike


In this post, we will discuss the Cowboy 3 electric bike. Belgian company Cowboy has announced Cowboy 3, the third-generation version of its electric bicycle. The Cowboy 3 brings a number of improvements over the previous generation and launches alongside an updated companion app that packs new smart features. The company promises a more comfortable ride from its new model, one that includes more durability, faster climbing, and more.

Features of Cowboy 3 electric bike:

The Cowboy 3 features a removable battery that is integrated seamlessly into the frame, essentially hiding it in plain sight. The 360Wh/10Ah battery can be charged to 100-percent in 3.5 hours and offers up to 43.5 miles per charge.

While the original design used an unbranded belt drive system, the Cowboy 3 e-bike has been upgraded to a Gates Carbon Drive setup. Gates is widely regarded as the leader in belt drive systems for bicycles, and the new system matches the other high-quality parts found on the Cowboy 3. The Gates Carbon Drive is rated for 30,000 km (18,600 miles), which is twice the rating of the previous belt drive system used by Cowboy.

The bike is a single speed, and the gear ratio has been updated to improve lower-speed cadence. That should be a welcome improvement for any riders that have to tackle hill climbs as part of their commute.

Like on the previous bike, there are no gears or buttons to control motor assistance. As soon as you start pedaling, motor assistance kicks in automatically.

Cowboy also says that the bike should make it through 30,000 ridden kilometers before it needs any maintenance, an impressive measure. The Cowboy 3 can manage 70km on each charge, meaning it’ll take plenty of trips to reach that point.

Cowboy 3 electric bike Price:

The company is now accepting orders for Cowboy 3 in Europe for £1,990 / €2,290 with expected delivery starting in late July. This model is offered in Mineral Grey, Absolute Black, and Anthracite Grey colors.

Cowboy 3 electric bike
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