Nao robot price in pakistan

In this topic we will discuss about Nao robot price in pakistan.

Nao robot price in pakistan

What is a Nao Robot?

humanoid robot is a robot with its body shape built to resemble the human body. The design may be for functional purposes, such as interacting with human tools and environments, for experimental purposes, such as the study of bipedal locomotion, or for other purposes.

AI Robots:

When people think of Artificial Intelligence (AI), the major image that pops up in their heads is that of a robot gliding around and giving mechanical replies. There are many forms of AI but humanoid robots are one of the most popular forms. They have depicted in several Hollywood movies and if you are a fan of science fiction, you might have come across a few humanoids. One of the earliest forms of humanoids created in 1495 by Leonardo Da Vinci. It was an armor suit and it could perform a lot of human functions such as sitting, standing and walking. It even moved as though a real human was inside it.

Features of Nao Robot:

The Nao robot has an impressive list of features that allow it to communicate and navigate through the environment. It’s equipped with two HD cameras, microphones, touch sensors, sonar, WiFi capability, and a body that has 25 degrees of freedom. The microphones are also placed around Nao’s head so that he can detect the origin of sounds. Its eyes are of LED’s that change colors to state emotion, and the sonar on its chest can detect objects in its path.

The robot looks human-like with its eyes, ears, and mouth. However, because it is a robot, it is flexible in how it uses each body part. Nao’s ears are actually speakers and its mouth is a camera. It hearing are an array of microphones on the top of his head so that he can hear the sound and detect the direction it came from. The sonar on his chest helps the robot detect objects in its path.

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How can someone purchase Nao Robot in Pakistan:

If you want to purcahse Nao Robot in pakistan there are companies that import nao robots in pakistan these companies are as follows:

Nao robot price in pakistan:


  • NAO V6 Programmable Robot:

Starting at $8,999.00

This humanoid robot integrates programming with core subjects to bring any lesson to life!

  • ZoraBots Nao w/ Zora Solution:
USD $13,000.00
  1. Used in healthcare or in school with special education needs
  2. Unique combination of mechanical engineering and software
  3. Friendly looking advanced humanoid



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