Remove Malware from Wordpress using a Plugin

5 Best WordPress Malware Removal Plugins

1. MalCare Security Plugin

Loved by thousands of developers and agencies, MalCare is the first plugin to offer an automatic instant cleaner. This makes it the fastest malware removal plugin out there. It cleans your website before Google blacklists it or your WordPress hosting takes it down.

What Stands Out?

Instant Malware Removal: Knowing the perils of a delay, MalCare offers an instant cleaner that will help clean your website quickly. The cleaner is automated hence you don’t have to raise a ticket and wait on a developer to clean your site.

Removes New & Complex Malware: The plugin does not just look for known patterns and signatures, it examines the code very closely to find new and complex malicious codes that go undetected in many other popular malware removal plugins.

Complete Malware Removal: Malware can be found in both files and the database on your WordPress website. You can rely on MalCare to detect and remove malware from files as well as the database.


  • When MalCare finds a particular menacing malware with complex code, it prompts you to alert the team who’d manually check the malicious code before removing it.

2. Sucuri

Sucuri is the most popular WordPress security plugin. Sucuri’s malware removal works not just on WordPress but also on other platforms like Joomla, Magento, Drupal, etc.

What Stands Out?

Removes Website Malware: Sucuri removes malware infection from your files and database. It removes malicious codes, files, link injections, and SEO spam keywords.

Removes Blacklist Status: The plugin will submit blacklist removal requests on your behalf in case you were blacklisted by Google or other search engines.

Platform Agnostic: The malware removal service is not limited to WordPress. It’ll clean your site even if it’s hosted on other CMS’ like Joomla and Drupal.


  • The initial response time is slow which can be an extremely frustrating experience.
  • The process of getting your website clean is time-consuming. You have to contact the team who’d assign security personnel to access your site. The personnel will investigate your site and then proceed to clean it.

3. Wordfence

Wordfence is another reputed WordPress security plugin. A worthy highlight of the plugin is that it consults search engines like Google to remove malware from your WordPress website.

What Stands Out?

Complete Malware Removal: Wordfence removes malicious codes and links from posts, pages even comments left on your website.

In-Depth Investigation Report: After removing the malware, Wordfence offers an in-depth report on what they found while investigating and removing malicious codes from your hacked WordPress sites.

Investigates Vulnerabilities: Quiet often websites are hacked due to vulnerabilities present on your website. Wordfence investigates and reports on how the hackers gained entry.


  • The malware removal process is time-consuming which can lead to frustration. Moreover, delays in cleanups can snowball the situation.

4. SiteLock

Founded in 2008, SiteLock offers security measures to WordPress and Joomla. The plugin champions automation and hence offers automated cleaning and hack prevention measures.

What Stands Out?

Automatic Malware Removal: Depending on the security package you subscribe to, SiteLock will clean malware from your website automatically.

Automated Vulnerability Patching: When enabled, the plugin will patch security vulnerabilities found on your WordPress core files automatically.


  • Many site owners have complained about SiteLock’s deceptive billing practices.
  • The plugin fails in early malware detection and on occasion, has failed to remove malware completely.

5. Quttera

Quttera was launched nearly a decade ago. The solution has cleaned hundreds of thousands of WordPress sites since then. Besides WordPress websites, Quttera also scans Joomla, Magento and Drupal websites.

What Stands Out?

Complete Malware Removal: Malware analysts from Quttera web malware scanner will access your website, investigate and clean your infected website to ensure there are no leftovers.

Google Blacklist Removal: If your website is blacklisted, the plugin shoulders the responsibility of requesting Google Search blacklist removal.


  • The process to remove malware can be time-consuming. After you detect malware infection on your website, you will have to log into your Quttera dashboard and fill in a form. After submitting the form, a malware analyst is assigned to your website who then investigates and proceeds to clean WordPress site.

Removing the Warning Label on Google SERP and conclusion is our next upcoming article.


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