Sofar 6ktlm g3 ongrid single phase inverter GridOvp error solution.

GridOvp error in Sofar 6ktlm g3

I have installed a Sofar 6ktlm g3 1-phase ongrid inverter recently. Few days back it started giving “GridOvp” error, which meant the grid voltage was exceeding the upper limit that the inverter can accept.
On checking the grid voltage, it was found to be fluctuating between 250-255V which is on the higher side of the acceptable limit for the inverter. The inverter was shutting down and giving GridOvp error whenever the voltage crossed the upper threshold.


sofar g3 ktlm error


The solution:

To resolve this issue, I captured the logger device picture from the bottom of inverter which has Serial number and password. I then contacted the Sofar service center and shared the logger details with them along with my issue.

The service technician checked the logger remotely and informed that the grid upper limit of the inverter needs to be increased as the local grid voltage is on the higher side. They then remotely increased the upper threshold through network connection.

After they performed this setting change remotely, the inverter started working fine without any issues. It no longer gives GridOvp error even when the grid voltage crosses 250V.

I am glad the Sofar service support was able to resolve the issue remotely by adjusting the inverter settings as per the local grid conditions. This highlights the importance of proper settings configuration of the inverter based on site conditions to avoid unnecessary errors.

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