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My name is Ibrar A. I have been using hostnext for more than 2 years. But when I cam across an issue Found Hostnext are people of money. is the worst web hosting company in Pakistan, ever! Big mistake signing up with them. They’re like sneaky fraud hosting, To avoid honest review from effected people. They used Forced fake praises so honest reviews can be hidden within hundred of fake ones.

They tricked me too! Offered a small discount to write nice things about them online. Totally foolish of me, but apparently I wasn’t the only one.

Their customer service, especially for billing, is a huge headache & tricky people I called them on their support phone no. When my plan needed renewing, they sent messages at the worst times, like during Eid holidays, making it impossible to contact them. I just wanted to change my plan to monthly payments because I was low on cash, but they only cared about getting all my money at once. They wouldn’t listen, even though they have monthly plans on their website! It was a trap! They said I could only switch to monthly billing if I paid for a whole year upfront, with no chance of getting that money back even if they changed the plan later.

I’ve used many other web hosting companies, both Local and foreign, and none of them were this bad to their customers. Hostnext doesn’t care that I’ve been with them for two whole years! They only want one thing: your money. Don’t waste your time with them!. Very un professional & below standard policy to only benefit them.
Also check their facebook negative review.

My review has been published on their google reviews. link:

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