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Advantages of earthing

In this post we will Discuss About Earthing Why it is necessary & Advantages of earthing.

Advantages of earthing

Most engineers view earthing mainly as a method to protect equipment
from damage or malfunction. However, the most important element is operator
safety and Advantages of earthing.

Proper earthing is a basic protection against AC line disturbances. This
applies whether the source of the disturbance is lightning, power-system
switching activities, or faults in the distribution network.

Proper earthing is also a key element in preventing radio frequency interference in transmission or
computer equipment. Due to improper earthing. Implementing an effective ground network is not an
easy task.

It requires planning, quality components, and skilled installers. It is
not inexpensive. However, proper earthing is an investment that will pay
dividends for the life of the facility.Moving Forward Towards Advantages of earthing.

earthing-Advantages of earthing

This is because the electricity may use your body as a path from the live part to the earth part.. It does this by providing a path (a protective conductor) for a fault current to flow to earth.

Types of Electrical Earthing Systems:

Plate Earthing System:

plate-Advantages of earthing

In this type of system, a plate is made up of copper or GI (galvanized iron) which are placed vertically in the ground pit less than 3 meters from the earth. For a better electrical grounding system, one should maintain the earth moisture condition around the plate earthing system.

Pipe Earthing System:

pipe-Advantages of earthing

A galvanized steel based pipe is placed vertically in a wet is known as pipe earthing, and it is the most common type.The pipe size mainly depends on the soil type and magnitude of current. Usually, for the ordinary soil, the pipe dimension should be 1.5 inches in diameter and 9feets in length. For rocky or dry soil, the pipe diameter should be greater than the ordinary soil pipe.

Rod Earthing System:

rod-Advantages of earthing

This type of earthing system is similar to pipe earthing system. A copper rod with galvanized steel pipe is placed upright in the ground physically or using a hammer. The embedded electrodes lengths in the earth decrease the resistance of earth to a preferred value.

Why Earthing is required in house?

Earthing is an important component of electrical systems because of the following reasons:

  • Earthing keeps people safe by preventing electric shocks
  • It prevents damage to electrical appliances and devices by preventing excessive current from running through the circuit
  • Also prevents the risk of fire that could otherwise be caused by current leakage


Advantages of earthing:

  • Earthing system also helps to detect any fault in phase and neutral conductors.
  • The system helps to discharge the overvoltage which produces suddenly due to the lightning which may damage the costly electrical appliances.
  • It also gives the surge protection.
  • Another important advantage of earthing is, it gives protection against electrical shock.
  • Earthing also helps to eliminate the risk of fire or explosion during insulation fault.



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