Check Your Site 3 to 4 Days After Malware Removal

Check Your Site 3 to 4 Days After Malware Removal

The easiest and most efficient method to do this is to use a malware scanner.

Install a scanner like WordFence into your site and configure it’s setting, (do remember to uncheck the option of scanning outside your WordPress files). A good scanner will pick up malicious activities automatically.

You can also visit Virus-Total and run a scan by submitting URL of your site. You can also check your site at

The most difficult and risky way of checking if your WordPress site is hacked is to run a manual check. It’s risky because you’ll be fiddling with your WordPress files and folders.

Besides these scanners, there are a few more methods which we’ll cover in detail to answer your question.

  1. Scan Your Website with a Malware Scanner
  2. Check Your Google Search Console For “Security Issues”
  3. Look Into Google’s Safe Browsing Tool
  4. Check for warnings from Hosting Providers, Search Engines and Browsers
  5. Check Your site error log, (if any file keep showing error repeatedly then check that file is well).

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