Content Writing Guidelines for SEO

Suggestion Example
These days no one likes to read long article, everyone prefers to the point and precise writing content.
Don’t insert image in 1st paragraph or at the top. insert approx. after 100 words.
Don’t use h1 in the article except for the title of the article which will be in the start.
Don’t use custom heading formatting instead use h2, h3, h4 as per requirement.
Don’t use link as link text for linking anything, instead use Keyword based text with minor custom text.
Use atleast 3 internal links , ask for the website on which its being written add internal link with proper keyword and title tag
Use of bullet points is preferable than paragraph styles.
If content is too long add TOC in the start ; Table of Contents and link with main points.
Use Copyright free images
Avoid these common mistakes mentioned in example article

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