Daewoo battery price list 2019

Daewoo Battery is a manufacturer of Lead-Acid batteries in Pakistan offering complete range of 100% Maintenance Free Batteries for Automotive and Specialized Deep Cycle Batteries for UPS and Solar Systems.

These specialized batteries are designed to be fully compatible to Pakistani environment and manufactured using most advanced Korean Technology under direct supervision of Korean Experts.

The blend of continuous innovation, advance technology and quality assurance measures provides best in class product quality and high performance of starting batteries for automotive and deep cycle batteries for UPS.

Daewoo battery price list 2019


Daewoo Batteries are available in two categories:


  1. 100% Maintenance Free Batteries for the Automotive.
  2. Deep cycle batteries for the UPS and Solar panel systems.

1.100% Maintenance Free Batteries for the Automotive:

100% Maintenance-free battery offers supreme convenience with extraordinary
spill proof feature on-board because of its double seal. It completely eliminates
the hassle of checking and re-filling electrolyte throughout its lifetime.

Highest CCA provides fastest engine startup even in extreme cold weather conditions. Its
ready to use as it comes Pre-charged so there is no wait time for charging at the
time of installation.

DRS105-Daewoo battery price list 2019
Daewoo Batteries | Model:DRS-105 AH:75 Price: 8100 RS



DRS120-Daewoo battery price list 2019
Daewoo Batteries | Model:DRS-120 AH:90 Price: 9200 RS
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2.Deep cycle Batteries for the UPS and Solar Systems:

Daewoo Deep Cycle Technology batteries are specially designed for UPS and
Solar Systems. Deep discharge rate of our Deep Cycle Technology batteries give
the Best Backup time than ordinary batteries.

These specialized batteries come with 1 year Free Replacement warranty, best for
UPS/Solar Systems in homes, offices and industries.

DIB-200-Daewoo battery price list 2019
Daewoo Batteries | Model: DIB-200 AH: 175 Price: 21700 RS



DIB-225-Daewoo battery price list 2019
Daewoo Batteries | Model: DIB-225 AH: 185 Price: 22700 RS



DIB-260-Daewoo battery price list 2019
Daewoo | Model: DIB-260 AH: 190 Price: 28300 RS


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Batteries Structure:

1.Deep Cycle Batteries:

  • Best-in-Class Vent Caps
  • Weld System
  • Robust Separators
  • Grid Manufacturing
  • Paste Formulation
  • Rounded Corners

2.Batteries for Auto-motives:

  • Optimized design of plate for battery capacity
  • Enveloped separator for low electrical resistance
  • Advanced center lug technology & cast on strap
  • Sealed double cover with flame Arr ester
  • Integrated design and reinforced container
  • Battery health indicator


  • Keep it above the ground.
  • Place it near the window.
  • Buy only newly manufactured.
  • Keep the caps and terminal clean.
  • Use good quality terminal and high-gauge wire for the connection.
  • Use only reputed brand Invert er.

Daewoo Battery Outlets:

You can buy Daewoo batteries from different dealers in all over the countries. Daewoo has its outlets in Lahore, Rawalpindi, Multan, Karachi, Sukkur, Peshawar, Islamabad and in other cities.

People are giving great Reviews about the quality and Efficiency of these Batteries.
Online Stores : OLX at the same cost. Like wise We Arrange differnet  Auto-Shows with the collaboration of top Car Dealers such as: Pak-Wheels.



We believe in providing our customers with quality products,
We Give 1 year free replacement warranty on all our batteries.


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