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Best Player of Football in The World Right Now

1. Lionel Messi

The best player of football his generation is Lionel Messi. 
At the age of 24, he’s already earned just about anything. If he can add a World Cup title to his resume, the best players of all time can join the debate. 
We all saw him play. No one like Messi can dribble at a defence. No one can create a chance out of nothing the way he does it routinely. 
He may score great individual goals from open play or set pieces. Or a jaw-dropping team target he can engineer. 
Choose your poison. He’ll beat you in every way he can.

2. Cristiano Ronaldo best Player of Football

Here, we make fun of Crissy Ronaldo a little (oops, there we go again).
Let’s be honest.He’s annoying. He’s arrogant. He dives. He winks.He gets busted with dubious ladies in hot tubs.
He’s an awful human being.
Yet he’s an outstanding footballer.
Ronaldo has dribbling abilities that are almost incomparable (see the No. 1 on this list). With movements, he can burn a defender or blow him with pace.
Or Ronaldo can just aim from 40 yards and choose the top corner the way a fat kid at a party picks out the snack table.
We’re not going to apologise for having made fun of Ronaldo. He deserves that.
we will remember his excellence.

3. Xavi one of Best Player of Football

We were not willing to leave Xavi out.Bcz he is also a one the best player of football

Remember what we said a minute ago about Iniesta, Spain and Barcelona’s main midfield partner Xavi? All here applies.

For its slightly stronger and incisive attacking skills, Xavi gets a slight advantage. Small. Lightweight.

This is how De Niro and Pacino pick.

(De Niro, if you ask.)

4. Andres Iniesta

Do you remember that during the Barcelona Champions League match against AC Milan Andres Iniesta suffered a hamstring injury?

Can you remember how Barca fought after?

Iniesta is Barcelona’s midfield marionet master. He’s one of them, okay, and soon we will see one of them.

When in the middle of the contest, Iniesta and Xavi can’t hit Barcelona or Spain.

Both work together so well, they almost share a brain. You see the whole field better than anyone, you read Game 2 and 3, and you know when to get through and when to keep the ball.

Everything goes through them. All goes through them.

5. Wayne Rooney

All right, so choosing a more dangerous forward is not that hard than Agüero.

Wayne Rooney may be the best patch in his career right now.

In six premiership matches, the 25-year-old Englishman has nine goals.

He also has two assists. He has been the best player on a Manchester United team that’s been outrageously good in the early stages of the league.

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