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PM Imran Khan has said that the land will be digitalized.

PM Imran Khan said initially, on Thursday, Rs 300,000 is being delivered to the poor for home-built projects. (UrduPoint/UrduPoint/Pakistan Point newspaper Dec 31st, 2020)

‘Initially Rs300,000 Will Be Provided To Poor For Building Homes,’: Says PM Imran Khan

PM Imran Khan reported that all banks had agreed to make loans for the building sector in Pakistan by December 2021.

“Three hundred seven thousand billion rs were kept in Pakistan for affordable housing.”

He talked to the nation live on Thursday with these opinions.

Imran Khan also talked about the good news that cement sales in the country had already begun.

In the building sector he promised to eliminate all barriers.

“Now the courts permit our closure law,” the PM said.

He added that 1500 billion projects would generate more than 250,000 jobs in Pakistan.

The banks in Pakistan, he said, made themselves available for domestic financing and called on the banks to finance housing more.

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