homage batteries price list in pakistan 2019

Homage Gel Batteies are the right batteries suitable for all environmental conditions and power cuts during the summer and guarantees a constant power supply at all times.It is also ranked in the most popular brands in pakistan like daewoo ,phoenix ,volta ,osaka. Homage batteries are specially designed for UPS and Inverter so that you don’t face any power issues at your home.In this post we are dissscussing about the homage batteries price list in pakistan 2019.

homage batteries price list in pakistan 2019



There is no need (No possibility) to check in to level of electrolyte or to top up water lost due to electrolysis reducing inspection and maintenance, because of calcium added to its plate to reduce water loss. A sealed battery recharges much quicker than a flooded lead acid battery.

Designed for Power Backup Appliances:

The battery delivers consistent mediocre currents, making it a perfect choice for power backup devices. Batteries used in automobiles deliver short high-ampere currents and thus wear out quickly and are not suited for power backup appliances.

18-24 Months Estimated Life:

The Homage Deep Cycle Batteries are rigid and reliable and have an estimated life of 18-24 months. The batteries will not give you any reason to be replaced every 6 months like usual automobile batteries used with inverters and UPS.

Best Use:

These batteries are suited best with solar panels and sensitive machinery, in addition to power backup devices.

Homage Batteries are of two types:

Deep Cycle Gel batteries:

  • Stores large amount of energy Deep discharge
  • Thicker plate
  • Denser active material ratio
  • Greater cycling capacity

The electrolyte in a Gel Battery is permanently locked in a highly viscous gelled instead of the traditional liquid form. It will not leaked out if the battery if tipped on its side. Gel Battery designs have a superior deep discharge and can deliver over 2 to 3 time the cycle lives of an AGM Battery.

Price list and Specifications of Deep Cycle Gel batteries:

ModelVoltsInitial (AH)Price (PKR)

AGM Batteries:

AGM (Absorbed Glass Mat) is a special design glass mat separator. If the battery is broken, no free liquid is available to leak out. AGM batteries are deep cycle batteries which are non spillable, with low self discharge and can be mounted in any position.

Price List and Specifications of AGM Batteries:

ModelVoltsInitial (AH)Price

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