Phoenix Battery Price List 2019

Phoenix battery is manufactured by Century Engineering Industries (Private) Limited and this company established in Pakistan in 2005. Phoenix Battery Price List 2019, Phoenix battery are available from Phoenix dealers, distributors & shops all around Pakistan at a competitive price.

phoenix battery price list 2019

Before buying any new product one thing is mutual in majority of us that is we just want to make sure that it will work properly so in this case you have good way to measure any product that is you can read that product review. If you have used this product then you should not forget to leave review about it to help those who are just going to buy this product.

Important Tips for Purchasing a New Battery and Prolonging Battery Performance:

  • Always purchase a fresh manufactured lead-acid battery. (You can check battery manufactured date written on the warranty Card.)
  • After putting the electrolyte in it, leave the it for at least 40 minutes.
  • Charge, till it reaches to 15 Volts.
  • Close and tight all the caps of it.
  • Use only high-quality terminal.


Here is a Demo Video:

Phoenix released new batteries prices and now they are offering new cheaper prices on their each battery product. Here is complete list of their product so you can take a look on it. Visitors who are here on this page, they are recommended to select battery on their need. Few are heavy batteries and few are standard batteries. Each battery price will be different to other battery.

These batteries are available in different capacities. Below you can check Phoenix Battery Price list 2019 with complete specifications. Six months of free replacement warranty comes with each battery.

Price List-phoenix battery price list 2019

Phoenix Have Sort of Battery:

  • Phoenix 9 plates battery
  • Phoenix 11 plates battery
  • Phoenix 13 plates battery
  • Phoenix 15 plates battery
  • Phoenix 17 plates battery
  • Phoenix 19 plates battery
  • Phoenix 21 plates battery
  • Phoenix 23 plates battery
  • Phoenix 25 plates battery


Phoenix Company Slogan:

“We work safely and in environmentally responsible ways. We respect the customs, traditions and needs of the communities in which we operate.”

Contact Office:
Century Engineering Industries Private Limited.
B-35,S.I.T.E.-II,Super Highway, Karachi, Pakistan
Phone No.: +92 021-36881827,38661753
E-mail: “info@phoenixbattery.com.pk”
Website: “phoenixbattery.com.pk”


phoenix-battery-price-list-2019-phoenix battery price list 2019

These prices are right now. It is probability that prices will change any time as these prices are subject to change. When you will go to buy this battery then it can happen that you will get that battery on few more price or on cheaper price but it will be the price of that shop.


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